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Who we are

BMA is a locally owned Out Of Home media solutions company, providing advertisers with high reach OOH exposure in major urban areas across Kenya.
Founded in 2012 by a team of professionals with over 30 years’ collective experience in the world of Marketing Communications. We are passionate about building great brands with our partners.

With our wide range of formats and strategically located assets, we offer flexible coverage of the entire LSM spectrum, giving you reach and effectiveness in reaching your desired audiences on their route-to-purchase.

BM Advertising

What we do

We understand that today’s fast-paced, technologically driven world is changing consumer behaviour and interactions with brand messaging, and that outdoor, with its 24 7 presence provides a world of new opportunities to deepen consumer engagement cost-effectively and on the go in a way that no other mass media can.
We’re proud to inspire confidence among our clients through our commitment to exceptional customer service and operational standards, our personalized service and well established media relationships, giving you the perfect balance of personalized service and powerful, engaging Out Of Home experiences for your customers.

Effective consumer engagement

Exceptional customer service

Delightful experiences

Why Outdoor?

Media fragmentation is changing the way audiences consume both media and brand messages. In this dynamic environment and the increased fragmentation of traditional media, Out of Home remains the most cost-effective and impactful medium to reach the mass or new niche markets. We work with well-established audience research companies in order to continuously improve our site offering to match your changing needs

Billion spent on outdoor
advertising in 2018 in Kenya
Billboards remain the most preferred Out of Home advertising channel

Out-of-Home Inventory

Our wide selection of large format sites located in high traffic areas on highways, major arterials and within landmark market areas, are designed to suit your marketing budget and strategy needs.
We have commenced the next phase of our growth trajectory intended to grow our current footprint and Out of Home solutions in line with the changing landscape and audience needs

Ideal for FMCG, Alcohol and Service Brands
  • Kangemi Market (2)
  • Uthiru Shopping Centre
  • Kawangware 46 (2)
  • Kamakis
  • Kawangware Market
  • Nairobi Kikopey
  • Mountain View,Waiyaki Way(Inbound & Outbound}
  • Nakuru Bus Park
  • Ongata Rongai
  • Southern Bypass/ Waiyaki Way exit
  • Nakuru Free Area
  • Jogoo Road
  • Dagoretti

Jogoo Road

Ideal for FMCG, Alcohol and Service Brands


Auxiliary Services

OOH Brand Presence

Office Signage & Vehicle Branding


Quality Large & Small Format Printing

Why Choose Us

At BMA, we see a world full of opportunity and new exciting ways for you to sell your products and build your brand. Not just today; tomorrow too.
Working with BMA will be a refreshing break from the norm. We like to challenge and brighten up your experiences with our passion and all-round positive attitude.

Quick Turnaround Time

Personalized Service

Value For Money


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